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Itero Digital Scanner

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Itero Digital Scanner

Itero Digital Scanner services offered in North Hollywood, CA

Intraoral scanning allows Brian Shahangian, DDS, and Bita Shahangian, DDS, to create a real-time digital representation of your oral structures, which goes a long way toward creating highly personalized treatment plans. Desert Dental in North Hollywood, California, is happy to offer the iTero® digital scanner. If you have questions about the technology that supports the practice, call or click to book a consultation at your earliest convenience. 

Itero Digital Scanner Q&A

What is the iTero digital scanner?

The iTero digital scanner is an imaging tool that creates exceptionally defined 3D “pictures” of your oral tissues. These scanners use a light-emitting wand to capture numerous images in just seconds. 


The wand is very compact and shaped to fit comfortably within your mouth. Your dentist maneuvers the wand around your teeth, reaching as far back as your last molars.


One of the best things about the iTero digital scanner is the real-time imaging displayed on an external monitor. Your dentist can watch as the imaging becomes more detailed, and if there are areas of your mouth that need another pass with the wand, your dentist can see that right away.


Intraoral scanning offers crisp, precise, and highly defined imaging. Your dentist has immediate access to the resulting imaging, cutting down on time needed to craft your custom treatment plan.

How is the iTero digital scanner used in modern dentistry?

There are several ways the iTero digital scanner enhances modern dental care. Perhaps the most well-known is in treatment planning for Invisalign® or other tray-based orthodontic options. 


Advanced software uses your intraoral digital scanning results to create sets of aligners that not only fit snugly over the surface of your teeth but also deliver the steady pressure needed to shift teeth into optimal positioning. 


Some other applications of iTero digital scanning include:


  • Preparation for oral surgery
  • Dentures treatment planning
  • Dental crowns treatment planning
  • To expand your dental records


Your scans become part of your dental record, so transferring these files is simple if you move out of the area or need to send your imaging to a different practice.

What happens during the iTero digital scanner process?

The intraoral digital scanning process is fast and painless. Once you’re resting comfortably in the treatment chair, your dentist inserts the wand into your mouth. It may feel odd as the wand maneuvers around your teeth and cheek tissue, but you won’t experience any discomfort. 


If you have a particularly sensitive gag reflex, just let your dentist know at the beginning of your visit. You can always take breaks as needed, but you might be surprised at the simplicity and ease of the iTero digital scanning process. 


When you’re ready to explore this option in greater detail, booking a visit takes just moments, whether you choose to connect with Desert Dental online or by phone.