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Crowns and Bridges

Dentistry located in North Hollywood, CA

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges services offered in North Hollywood, CA

Crowns and bridges are among the most versatile and popular dental restorations available at Desert Dental in the North Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Brian Shahangian, DDS, and Bita Shahangian, DDS, have the expertise and experience to create beautiful and natural looking crowns and bridges that restore smiles. Book your visit online or by phone today to learn more.

Crowns and Bridges Q&A

What are crowns and bridges?

Crowns and bridges are among the most popular restoration treatments offered at Desert Dental. People love the ability to restore or replace their natural teeth with treatments that are durable and incredibly natural-looking. 


Dental crowns are tooth-shaped “covers” or “caps” that cover all visible surfaces of your natural tooth tissue. Desert Dental offers metal-free porcelain crowns that look just like natural teeth.


A dental bridge works to fill a gap in your smile with one or more artificial teeth secured in place on either side by a dental crown. Bridgework is a type of fixed restoration that strengthens your bite while also improving the look of your smile. 


Thanks to advancements in dental technology, the visible portion of crowns and bridges look just like natural teeth, including tiny irregularities and coloring.  

What kinds of issues can dental crowns correct?

Dental crowns are among the most versatile restoration options. Some of the reasons you and your dentist might choose to move forward with a custom dental crown include:


  • Strengthening a tooth with a large filling or multiple restorations
  • Protecting a chipped or cracked tooth
  • Correcting abnormalities in size or shape  
  • Eliminating discoloration not correctable through teeth whitening
  • As the last step in a root canal
  • As the restorative portion of a dental implant


During your visit, your dentist discusses all available treatment options and the pros and cons of each.

What happens during crowns and bridges treatment?

On the day of your procedure, your dentist administers an injection of numbing medication to keep you comfortable. Next, they remove a small portion of your natural tooth tissue to make room for your new crown. 


A set of digital impressions gives the dental lab all the information needed to craft a custom restoration. The size, shape, and coloring of your new crown blend seamlessly with the adjacent natural teeth. 


A temporary crown protects your tooth while the lab crafts your new crown. When it’s ready, you return to the office to have it cemented into place, which completes the restoration process. 


If you’d like to explore dental crowns in greater detail, calling the office is a great way to check appointment availability. Online booking is another option that’s available around the clock.